Buy Clothes Online at Fashion Confidential

Fashion Confidential sells designer clothes with some rather big prices but lots of even bigger discounts. The Mens section is ‘coming soon’ so we are looking at a womens clothing store.

My first impression of Fashion Confidential was a good one. The Website has a slick user-friendly design and I found myself navigating straight to some heavily discounted items. Fashion Confidential has a Bargain Hunter section, where there are deals on dresses, tops, jackets, skirts, trousers, coats and pretty much everything else. In the dresses section you will commonly see prices cut by around 50% from £150-£280 down to £70-£150. These dresses are still not cheap, but that is a significant saving and I must say I like the style of a lot of them.

Dotted around the Bargain Hunter section are some even better deals. For example there is a top reduced from £99 to £16 and a skirt reduced from £250 to £48.

I must confess I have never seen such highly priced shoes. Of course they have massive discounts (e.g. £400 reduced to £200) but the thought of wearing £100 on each foot seems rather excessive. I think if I ever tried such an act I would start to think that maybe there is something wrong with capitalism… Anyway this isn’t a political blog – its a clothing deals site, so all I can say is what I think about the clothes in terms of value for money: The shoes look nice and have big price slashes!

On further inspection most of the items in the Bargain Hunter section and the other sections are actually sold on other Websites. Fashion Confidential just displays the deals and sends you through to the actual site where you can buy the clothes.

All in all Fashion Confidential is not a cheap place to shop, but if you are looking for designer fashion you may want to take a look.