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Being an Englishman myself I thought it was about time I found a deal for my fellow UK shoppers. In my never ending quest for clothing deals I have come across and they seem to have some good deals on at the moment. One particularly tempting part of their Website is the ‘buy now pay later’ offer. In this deal as long as you spend £50 or more you don’t have to pay for your items for (almost) a year – July 2011 in this case. You simply enter the code XV242 in the promotions box at the checkout.

Of course there must be a catch… but don’t worry I’ve read the small print. It is a catch… but not if you are smart. Interest will added to your £50 at a typical rate of 39.7APR, but that only begins after the date at which you are supposed to pay it back. So you could buy it now and pay in say, 10 months, and have no interest. Could be useful for Christmas as I could buy presents (that I can’t really afford) for people now then pay for them with the money they give me at Christmas – perfectly sneaky!

Another interesting part of the Very site is they have the option for you to make an account which allows you to spread out your payment. It’s called the “Take 3″ where you spread the payment out over 3 months. While this could be handy, it seems like the shopper would be spending right up to their financial boundaries if they started doing this kind of thing often. Still, it’s there if you need it.

So I’ve explained a couple of things that make this site interesting but I haven’t even said what they sell! Obviously, this is a clothing deals blog and so Very is a clothing store, but they also sell home appliances and electrical goods. They sell many types of girls shoes and you can get mens trainers from as well. Some of the items are a little pricey but if you scroll to the bottom of the Very website and take a look under the Latest News and Offers heading there links to some much more affordable items.