Clothing of the Future

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I have been struck by inspiration rather hard on the head to write a post about clothing of the future. Do you like the sound of Charging iPods from clothing that harnesses energy from our body? Or Carbon nanofiber turning your clothes into impenetrable armor? Read on to find out more.

My inspiration came from a fantastic documentary on the BBC about various future technologies. I wanted to read more and went Googling around for a while until eventually I realized I could turn my interest into a blog post. What fun!

First up is the clothes that harness kinetic energy from the skin using nanotechnology to convert the energy into electricity. Wearing such an item you will basically be a Terminator turned inside out, “let me just plug my phone into my… LEG!” This also means that in theory all the heat that is given off by the billions of people on earth can be turned into something useful. At the end of your day, or perhaps week or month you will have generated and saved up a load of electricity. That could be interesting in the bedroom!

“Honey, why don’t you take your clothes off?”

“That would be a waste of electricity, this is the only exercise I get!”

That is if people are still having biological sex by this time. We will probably be able to beam seamen via teleportation straight to the required destination. Intriguing, as that would mean you could impregnate every woman on the planet at once at the press of a button.

Moving on. This is a clothes blog. Not a play ground for my smutty humor.

Second up, are clothes that monitor our health and emotions. These clothes could activate fragrances and provide life saving drugs when needed. For example for an asthmatic having an asthma attack. Presumably however, this could be done with any kind of body-monitoring system, it doesn’t have to be clothes. Although adjusting things like temperature would have to be done via the clothing.

Thirdly there is spray on clothing. These are ultra short-term clothes, ’spray and go’ type thing. The benign chemicals would turn into fabrics which would bind together. I like this idea, however I wouldn’t want a trouser leg growing out of my eye. And I wouldn’t want to spray on a bra by mistake, when I wanted a t-shirt.

Below is a smart T-shirt created by the Sensatex Company. It already exists! It has sensors that send information to a computer about health and bodily performance. It will be useful for sportsmen and athletes to find out how much more they can push themselves and could also be very useful in the army I’d imagine.

Sensatex Company smart t-shirt system

Could in 20 years we be searing for retro clothing, but with a twist – of tiny cables?

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