Coolest Kids Fashion for 2012

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There is a lot to choose from when it comes to kids’ fashion, and the latest styles and trends are constantly changing as designers come out with the newest and cutest designs. So far in 2012, some baby clothes designers have stood out above the rest, and the following are the top 10 of the year thus far.

1. Zuzii

Ever popular for their impeccably made baby shoes, headbands and hats, the designers for the Zuzii line have managed once again to blend classic femininity with modern aesthetic. With plenty of flowers and vibrant colours incorporated into their line of shoes and accessories this year, the designers for Zuzii have risen above the rest.

2. Lala’s Pequenos

The newest craze, the Lala’s Pequenos Noonie, is the cosiest, most comfortable and most stylish way to swaddle a newborn baby. This line has provided a range of styles in a variety of fabrics to suit every need, and even have organic hemp, cotton and bamboo options.

3. Happy Family

The designers of the brand Happy Family sure do know how to make a stylish graphic tee for babies. The bold, cheeky shirt designs are made for the whole family, but the made-for-baby line is clearly the most popular. Their unique, striking and widely variable designs are printed on 100% cotton using non-toxic, lead-free inks.

4. Thief & Bandit Kids

Baby leggings are popular choices for new parents, and no one does leggings better than the designers of Thief & Bandit Kids. These bright, bold, hand-printed leggings will make your baby stand out in the crowd, and are a perfect choice for modern parents who want an original look for their baby.

5. Wild Things Dresses

Your toddler will go wild for the new dresses from Wild Things Dresses. Each design embodies a unique animal, making the dresses look playful, simple and incredibly adorable. Many of the dresses are also reversible, so customers get two unique designs in one.

6. Children’s Wear

This cooler-than-average collection of baby onesies and kids’ tees blends modern graphics with a hint of hipster. The range of designs is endless, and every parent will be impressed with the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that goes into every piece. The newest line is clean and simple, but truly embodies the energy and youthfulness of a child.

7. Perry Finalia

The designer at Perry Finalia makes an eclectic collection of dresses by using feminine florals, funky patterns, and sometimes a mix of the two. The sizes of the stylish dresses begin at 6 months, and are perfect for mixing, matching and layering with other clothes.

8. LaLa Shoes

Handcrafted with 100% pure wool felt, LaLa Shoes are lightweight, durable, biodegradable, comfortable and healthier than the average baby shoe. The unique designs of these shoes are unlike any other, and parents can rest easy knowing that the priority for each shoe is functionality, ergonomics, health, sustainability and aesthetics.

9. Kyssa

The designer of Kyssa has some of the best and cutest vintage clothes for babies and kids. Items in the line include rompers, mini cardigans, sweaters and dresses.

10. Wren Willow

These 100% organic cotton onsies come in a variety of screen-printed designs made with water-based ink. Each print is specially made, and with over 400 different designs to choose from, parents will be swooning over these cute and unique pieces.