Dazzling – New designers are on the rampage

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New design technology has created a paradise for fashion designers. It has also produced a quite unexpected twist to the concept of an “global market”. New fashion businesses operate online, 24 hours a day, and they can deliver anywhere in the world. If you want to buy dresses online, you can buy from France, Australia, the United States and China with a few clicks. And that’s exactly what people are doing.

Consumer revolution meets designer revolution

In the past, consumers were largely stuck with whatever found its way into the shops. However appalling, these were the choices. It used to drive fashion-literate people mad to be confronted with the unbelievably tedious “fashion statements” of previous generations. Some designs were great, but as usual the mainstream consumer fashions were pretty grim.

Designers suffered a lot too. Great talent definitely did not mean great distribution. The nature of the industry effectively created bottlenecks, and of course retailers can only run so much product at a time. That meant designers were competing for limited space, and worse, seasonal fashions only lasted so long. The fashion industry in the past did have one thing in common with the present – Production runs and everything else happened at breakneck speed, and if a designer couldn’t get on the production line in time, it was game over.

The recent outbreak of large numbers of designs coming onto the market using online outlets is perhaps the best thing that has ever happened in the fashion industry. This is a completely new method of doing business, and it’s effectively limitless in commercial terms. Consumers can now access fantastic new designs from anywhere on the planet, and that is creating enormous opportunities for both designers and the new model fashion outlets.

This is a true revolution, and the real beauty of it is that design talent is now running amok in the industry. In the past these young designers would have been lucky to scrape by making a living at best. Now they’re seriously challenging the biggest brands in the world successfully, and so are their distribution outlets. If you’re an online fashion retailer, you’re definitely in the right place at the right time.

Design and commercial talent – A winning combination

Talent is definitely the defining motif of this new market. If you’ve seen the fashions coming from China, those eclectic and fascinating new ideas, you’re also looking at the technological capabilities of the new fashion industry. If it’s wearable, it’s makeable, and on commercial scales.

Any designer in the world now has the technical capacity to put any design into production. If you know how to draw a fashion design, you can be selling to the world just as fast as you can get your design made.

Consumers aren’t exactly complaining, either. The new fashion market is a completely different place to buy clothes. The most beautiful dresses, and then most incredible looks are just a few clicks away. Online buying is quick and efficient, and it looks like the fashion industry has a dazzling future ahead of it.