Designer Clothes Online at Koodos

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Koodos is a store I’ve unearthed that has an interesting twist. They sell only designer clothes but their clothes are sold at a discounted price all year round. The brands of clothing are top of the range and include big names such as Marc Jacobs, Chloe and J brand Jeans.

Koodos keeps its prices at up to 70 percent off all year round, which is pretty impressive. However, you need to remember these are designer clothes. They are made to look great and to last. They are not the type of clothing you would pick up cheap in a bargain section at a supermarket.

This is how Koodos describe the high quality of the J brand jeans:

“J Brand is the corner stone of designer denim. The collective creation of Jeff Rudes, a denim manufacturer and stylist Susie Crippen, J Brand has become one of the most stylish and sought after denim designer fashion brands on the planet.”

I have to say, they do look pretty stylish in the photos. Having said that, I would never dish out the full £180 or £200 pounds for a set of these jeans, no matter how amazing they were; that seems rather excessive!

However, that is where Koodos comes in. The jeans are reduced from the scarily high prices to a much more reasonable and affordable £59 or £49 in some cases.

Koodos sells both mens, womens and kids clothing, with the widest selection available on the womens side.

For those of you who are fashion enthusiasts Koodos also have a free newsletter you can sign up to and also a great blog (somewhat like this one!) where deals on clothes are published about. They’ve given their blog a cool name, ‘Bargainista’ and it has a fair few posts already published.