Hippie Clothing Deals

I am a huge fan of hippy clothing. I think it’s because if I had been around in the prime time of the hippies I would have been one of them. I can’t deny it. Well I could, but that would be lying.

You can go for vintage hippy clothing that is actually from the 60s, or the more modern stuff. I personally think the hippy look of the 60s is way better but the vintage clothes are much more expensive and some are faded and also they would be hard to be relaxed in knowing they are actual vintage, so I’d go for the modern stuff.

One of my favourite places to look for hippy clothing deals is on ebay. There are aging hippies selling off their vintage items, tye-die clothes and a ton of modern hippy clothes. Some are really cheap too. You have to do a little searching around as some sellers are cheeky and describe an indie top as ‘hippy indie emo’ just for it to appear in the search results for each word, don’t be fooled! Know your style and you will get a great deal. Go to eBay now