JustPinchMe.com Lets You Try Clothes On Before You Buy

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JustPinchMe.com is an exciting startup with a brand new concept that lets you try clothes on before you buy them. “How does that work?” You will ask, Clothing Deals Online investigates.

JustPinchMe.com currently allows for three options. A $5 Pinch Pass, a $15 Premium Pinch Pass and an option for non-members to buy items the old fashioned way (excuse the pun). Those numbers seem like a very small price, surely not enough for clothes, so what are you getting for your money?

A $5 Pinch Pass lets you get up to two ‘Pinch Bags’ per month. In a Pinch Bag you can put three items of your choice and there may be a Pinch Surprise, which is an extra item thrown in. Returning the unwanted items is free or if you like the items you can then pay for them online. With the $15 Premium Pinch Pass you can get as many Pinch Bags as you want each month and try on as many clothes as you’d like.

What do I think about JustPinchMe.com as a Startup?
It’s definitely a interesting and innovative idea, and I sincerely hope JustPinchMe.com turns becomes very popular, but I have my concerns as well.

The clothes they have available at the moment look great and are very affordable, but the range is not huge. Someone paying only $5 can try 6 items, that’s a lot of items, and if there are only around 100 items available that person is going to have to really like the JustPinchMe.com range to remain a member. Having said that, it’s in the early stages and I assume they are expanding their range.

I also hope its been made very easy to send items back, i.e. the packaging they need is included, otherwise no one will stay a member for long. Repeat customers are buy far the easiest to sell to, so keeping people as regular members is the way to go. This makes me think moving into more expensive clothes would make more sense. A loyal customer buying expensive clothes is worth more than a loyal customer buying from a less expensive range. Why not sell much more up-market clothes and charge people more per month and have options to start off by signing up for three/six months in order to get a nice attractive discount on the membership? For the top range someone could even come to collect the unwanted clothes.

Overall I think JustPinchMe is a neat idea, but the clothes range needs expanding dramatically in order to compete. A Premium Pinch Pass would make a great gift, hopefully there will be a gift option added so someone can be given a pass for a month/3 months/a year etc.

If this idea fascinates you, as it did me, head over to Just Pinch Me.