Nightclub fashion tips for guys and girls

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Nightclubs can be intimidating enough without the stress of not knowing what to wear. Here we’ve got a great list of dress tips for guys and girls to make sure you’ll be turning heads at the very best Sydney bars all night long:

Know the dress codes
Know the code- It is so important that if you are unfamiliar with a venue that you’ll be heading to over the weekend that you jump online or ask a friend about their dress code. You don’t want to be showing up in cocktail dress and stilettos at 5pm at the Coogee Bay Hotel. As a general rule, venues closer to the beach suburbs tend to have a more relaxed dress code. It’s venues in the city that tend to be harsher with making sure patrons are dressed a certain way.

Make your friends aware
This may not happen with girls so much, but guys can have major issues getting into nightclubs if they don’t have the proper gear on. Make sure that if the place requires patrons to be wearing a collared shirt, all your friends know that a crinkled cotton top just isn’t going to cut it.

Be comfortable
Ooze confidence and feel comfortable in your own skin. You certainly won’t be able to do that if can’t walk in those sky high heels. If you do have a knack for wearing stilt size heels then go for it, but if you think after a few champagnes you’re likely to take a tumble, go for a more sensibly heeled shoe.

The basics
For girls- Classic is always best for girls. Smokey eyes, a touch of bronzer and a killer dress in a bright colour is perfect. Purchase a clutch or bag with a thin strap you can have across your body or around your wrist when you dance. You’d be surprised how many wallets and bags get stolen in clubs. You purse should include:

• ID-Identification is very important if you want to get in to ANY Sydney venue.
• A pair of flats that can be easily squashed into your bag and pulled out when your feet have had enough.
• • Lip gloss and powder for touch ups.
For guys- It’s always harder for guys to get into nightclubs and bars so it’s even more important that they take note of the basics like:
• Make sure you have a valid ID.
• If you aren’t sure of the dress code always wear an ironed collar shirt, jeans and dress shoes. Better to be slightly over-dressed than underdressed and not let in.
• Do your hair, spray some cologne and brush your teeth. These may seem like basics, and they are, but many men fail to do these simple things before going out and they really do make all the difference.

If you’ve come to Sydney to study English, are a backpacker or simply just a little new to the whole Sydney nightclub scene, I hope you’ve found our dress tips helpful in giving you some great ideas for what to wear the next time you and your friends are headed for a big night out on the town.