Plus Size Clothing Store Discovered

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I’ve been made aware of a neat little site called Plus size savings. The site as you guessed sells clothes for larger lades for a good price, or as the slogan goes “factory direct prices on plus size clothes”.

I always take a good look around every site I publish about and with Plus size savings it isn’t all just in the name. They have a specials section, currently containing 47 items. The items on sale in the specials section were already at what looks like a very reasonable price ($24.99 mostly) but they have now been reduced to an attracted $14.95 (in most cases).

In fact, the more I look around the site I am seeing most of the items are reduced. The clothes have a nice simple style and there are also some more unusual clothes available such as corsets.

For the US and Canada clothing deals shipping costs is $1.97 and for the rest of the world its $5.99, which is not bad at all.