Plus Size Skinny Jeans

Plus size skinny jeans. Is it an oxymoron? I suppose it depends exactly how plus size you are. I bought my first pair of mens skinny jeans recently and it was a bit strange wearing them but I got used to them and it turned out well. If you are “very” plus size I will tell you now to stay away, or run away and then run back again, and do that about five hundred times and then read this again. If you are just a little plus size then you are welcome to wear skinny jeans. In fact I want you to. Skinny jeans have the power to change America. They can motivate fat people to become thin, its good for their health and confidence! It’s for the greater good!

Ok enough of my skinny related banter, on to the deals. I suggest checking out this search results pageon ebay. You can choose the exact size and it’s bound to be cheaper than almost all other places.

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