Sale Stock Clearance Online at Clevertogs

Deal hunters like myself often dream of ‘50% off everything’ sales for clothing items. Well I have found you one at the Sale Stock Clearance at Clevertogs. The owner contacted me to let me know about the sale so I could publish it here.

At the clevertogs sale there is only one of each item available, so you’ll have to get in quick before all the clothes are snapped up. Having said that there are still pages and pages of listings for the sale, so there is plenty to choose from!

The items in the sale are childrens t-shirts where the designs have been hand sown into them and most of the discounts are a reduction from roughly £30 to £15. The prices are in pounds (and there’s free shipping to UK residents) but US residents can still order easily and only have to pay $2.45 shipping.

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