Second Hand Clothing Online

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I’ve written lots of posts with clothing deals from major sites like Amazon and eBay. eBay is an obvious port of call for finding second hand clothing online, but what about local online stores? In this post I’ll take a look at local stores and buying with the intent to reduce postage (for the sake of saving you money, and helping the environment). But how can you buy local on the Internet you may ask? Surely the Internet has no spatial dimensions? Well, metaphysical issues aside, you can buy from local stores online by searching using the name of where you live. For example, if you live in New York, you can Google search ’second hand clothing new york’. There is no need to add the word ‘online’ to your search, that can be assumed seeing as you are already searching for clothing sales online!

Available options for buying second hand clothing online.

1. eBay.
2. Local stores webpages.
3. Classified sites, like etsy or cragislist.

I suspect you’ve already checked eBay and found it doesn’t have what you want for the right price, or the right postage, so it’s time to get local. If you already know the name of some of the stores that are near you but you don’t want to visit them, why not have a search to see if they have a Website. You could save yourself on postage, and if it turns out they have a number of items you might be able to justify a little clothes shopping trip!

Classified sites are great if you are prepared to visit the seller in person. You may be able to pick up items virtually for free this way, or even trade. Etsy only sells hand-made goods, so if you look there all the clothes will be hand-made, which makes for some pretty unique items – they are not necessarily second hand though, so it’s a balance. Other classified ad sites specialize in different areas, so it pays to shop around.

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