Where to get skinny jeans

So you’d like to know where to get skinny jeans? I’ll go one better and tell you where you can get skinny jeans in any color – not just plain boring ones! Also, I’ll provide a number of options so you can check out the deals for yourself. I find myself noticing people in jeans that actually have a color to them other than the usual blue or black, no need to be especially bright, but there’s something about colored jeans that is just so… stylish. Anyway, enough of my rambling, here are finds of the web-harvest:

One option is General Pants, which is an Australian based store. They offer free delivery on orders over $75 and I must say I am liking the variety of colors available! Seriously, I have never seen so many different colored jeans, there must be over 100!

Another option, based in the US, is forever21. They too have a great variety and have very low prices, around about $20.

How about skinny jeans for a meagre $10? Like the sound of that? Then give delias a try. Bright colours, and super skinny.

Another alternative is bluebannana.com. Give them a look if you want a free belt thrown in with your skinny jeans, not bad ey!

Finally, we have some colorful men’s skinny jeans going cheap at phixclothing. I rather like the dark green ones… very ‘organic’, not that I want organic legs particularly. On second thoughts I do, beats a plastic limb.

I will add that with skinny jeans it is especially important to try them on before you buy them, unless you know which size will fit from trying them (or owning a pair) before, otherwise you could end up with a limp… That’s all for today, good luck in getting skinnies!