Womens Clothes Shops

I’ve decided to do a rare thing on Clothing Deals Online and compile a list of some of the womens clothing shops that have had deals or sales posted about over the last few months on this site. A lot of these clothing shops are small stores where I’ve talked to the owner individually or where just one person has climbed a metaphorical mountain and created a thriving online business. I want to encourage the courage it takes to start up a clothing store.

I know how much work it takes to get a business running, I founded my first company two years ago when I was eighteen, it started well but I had to end things due to my business partner falling ill. I admire all entrepreneurs who have taken the steps towards their dream.

Clever Togs. “Truly a cottage industry, Clever Togs are designed and produced in a cottage, on a hill in the beautiful Scottish Borders by Robin Li Laing.”

Hip Line by Eve Kinizo. “Eve’s education includes Fashion School and Film School as well as years of dance training. In her work, Eve tries to combine this magic triangle and create unique pieces for the young and fashionable woman at heart.”

Baby Haute Couture. Vanina Joulin-Batéjat moved from France to Carolina and with a vision filled with wonderful European styled she created Baby Haute Couture.

Zestee. The owner Holly, is an artist who took a business management course and translates her artwork into wearable designs for sale at Zestee.

Baby Fish Mouth. “Baby Fish Mouth is the brainchild of two friends (Danielle and Cindy) who met in college and always talked about doing something big together.”

Eternal Creation. Frances Carrington went to volunteer in India and Tibet and was determined to find a way to continue helping the local community so she took out a $5000 loan and started Eternal Creation, employing the people of the area.

Cool Green Attitude. Julie and Tracy are two mums who created Cool Green Attitude and sell clothing with an ethical twist.